Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Your Blog: Use It When You Need It

Sometimes, your writing is actually better when you just relax.
Sometimes I, as many of you other bloggers out there might, get too caught up in the business aspect of a blog, rather than the other, less work aspect of blogging. The writing. When I feel like I'm up to my ears in traffic-increase articles and SEO tip blogs, I take a step back from it all and think.

Why did you start blogging in the first place?

What were you thinking when you opening Blogger, full of fresh ideas and ready to change the blogosphere, or maybe the world? You were going to take the world by storm, remember?

Now, you may not be exactly like me in that sense, but I'm sure you had some reason for starting your blog. Regardless of what it is, sit back and think about it.

I started a blog because I love writing, it seemed fun, and I wanted to experience a new kind of community. When I think about that, I realize that it's not a big deal sometimes if you just can't figure out what the heck SEO is.

Because frankly, I don't think too many people have it down pat either.

This post is a spawn of one of those hectic times, when I needed to sit back and think about why I love blogging, and do this everyday, aside from being a full time student. I do it because I love that feeling when you publish a post, that feeling when you see you have a new comment, that feeling when your page views for the day reach a new high for you. I love the feeling of being a blogger.

So, I opened a new tab, because those other articles can wait. I opened up a new post, and just wrote out whatever I was feeling.

And you know what? I feel ten times better. Thank you for that.

Because without my readers, my commenters, my subscribers, my wall flowers who skim yet never come forward to leave a comment; I do this for you. My blog would be nothing without you. And this is your thank you.

Next time you want to post something, but you're not sure how it's going to sound, or if it's going to look right, or you don't feel like doing research for yet another pillar article; just remember these four words:

That Is Your Blog.

You are the only one who can wholly decide what goes and what doesn't, what gets posted and what becomes a regular in the draft folder. When you need to vent ideas, or rant about someone in the Starbucks line, go Nike on those thoughts and JUST DO IT.

You'll feel better, and if your readers are as loyal as you think, they aren't going to mind. They may actually like the change from the informational and dry posts. Giving a glimpse of your thoughts is sometimes a great thing for readers.

Remember that not every post has to start in your head as hard work. Not everything you type has to start with you trying to make it your "best ever".

Sometimes your best posts will be the ones you just put your heart into. Next time you sit down to peck out another article on whatever niche you're in, try sitting down and just writing what comes to mind.

You may just be surprised with the results.


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